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Peanut (Roasted)

Parrot Supplies Australia is proud to sell one of the finest quality of Peanuts available on the Avicultural marketplace. This is a case of you've asked, and we've listened!

The majority of Peanuts aren't properly graded, or sought after for their nutritional value over competing varieties. We are very pleased to stock Virginia Peanuts, which are all individually graded and provided a Certificate of Analysis for Aflatoxin levels. 

Aflatoxin levels relate to the ability for the peanut to develop moulds, such as Aspergillus, and in human foods Aflatoxin levels above 20ppb require investigation. All of our Virginia Peanuts are guaranteed to be below 10ppb, and our most recent delivery arrived with a score of less than 3ppb. 

This truly adds an extra degree of confidence that you're purchasing peanuts which have been chosen with care for your birds.

On top of this, the Virginia Peanut is ranked as being very High-Oleic. Not many Peanut varieties can boast this. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid, known as a good fat, which reduces the volume of bad cholesterol whilst replacing it with good cholesterol. So not only is it filled with good fats and oils, this also means it has a significantly increased shelf-life and is even less likely to going bad. 

If you have any questions about our Virginia Peanuts, please contact us on (07) 3208 5610, or E-Mail us. 


Category: Diet, Nuts & Legumes

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