Parrot Society of Australia Members enjoy 20% off advertised prices storewide!


Q: I see that there is 20% off storewide? How do I know that I'm receiving the discount?

A: The 20% off storewide is only for Parrot Society of Australia Members. As part of their Membership, they're given instructions on how to obtain their discount. If you aren't a Member, you're welcome to join. Just click here for more information.


Q: How does your shipping work?

A: It's very simple. If you purchase products that weigh under 5kg, we utilise Australia Post. For any weights that are 5kg to 20kg, we offer a competitive flat rate dependent on your post code. For anything over 20kg, we charge a nominal $/kg fee. If you opt in for Express or Overnight shipping, then that is much more costly. Our standard Road Freight generally arrives in 2-3 days. 

Flat Rates:

0-5kg = $13.50

5.001kg - 10kg = $20.00

10.001kg - 15kg = $25.00

15.001 - 20kg = $30.00


Q: I can't seem to find a particular product, what can I do?

A: Get in touch! Send us an enquiry and we'll try our best to order it in!


Q: Is it worth joining to have the discount?

A: Well, we certainly think so! For a standard Member, if you purchase more than $385.00 worth of bird products in twelve (12) months, then the discount you receive completely covers the cost of being a Member. 

Plus, you receive six (6) bi-monthly editions of Parrot News, access/discounts to exclusive Avicultural Events plus much more. You also feel good knowing that your Membership, and all of your purchases at Parrot Supplies Australia, directly support raising the perch in Aviculture as well as the continued conservation of many endangered Parrot species.


Q: So you really are a Not-For-Profit?

A: Absolutely! Obviously, like any business, we have running costs. But all of our profit goes directly back into Parrot Supplies Australia, to The Parrot Society of Australia, and/or The Parrot Trust of Australia. So, unlike many businesses, every cent you spend with us supports Aviculture and Bird Conservation. None of the profit goes into our pockets!


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