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NJ Tabletop Stand

Tabletops are a SMALL TREE on a base that is the right size to fit on a table top – hence the name. It combines the benefits of a real tree (these are REAL TREES) but being small enough to comfortably fit in lots of spaces. Eg coffee table, top of a cage, bench, desk, inside enclosure. It gives your pet somewhere to hang out with you whilst you go about your business.

Tabletops are EASY TO MOVE around. You can hang toys etc from them. Being a real tree means the branches have the varying size, shapes and angles that your pet needs for their overall HEALTH.  Tabletops also PROMOTE more out of enclosure time, and time spent closer with your pet which is better for everyone :).

These ultimate ALL NATURAL pet gyms are tough, practical, pretty and best of all know your pet will love their own special piece of furniture.

Comes with a stainless steel food bowl

General size assembled 60cm x 40cm x 60cm high

Base 48cm x 27cm x 3cm high

NOTE: supervised use recommended, may develop small pieces, toys and accessories not included  

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