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Nestbox (Lorikeet)

Three styles of nestboxes suitable for different lorikeets. Our Smallest size is suitable for Varieds, Littles, and Purple-Crowned. The larger size would suit most Trichoglossus species, and those of a similar size. We also have a larger size which includes a container, simply to allow for ease of cleaning with Necativores being exceptionally messy. All types come with perch and inspection door.

Small: 18.5cm x 18cm x 31.5cm. Bird Entrance 4.5cm. Weight 1.6kg.

Large: 22.5cm x 20cm x 35cm. Bird Entrance 6.5cm. Weight 2.1kg.

Container: 19cm x 19cm x 41cm. Bird Entrance 6.5cm. Weight 2.6kg.

Inspection Doors can be found (looking at the bird entrance) on the left, right and back. Make a note at checkout if a particular side is required. We do not guarantee it is in stock at the time of ordering so please contact the store before checkout to make further arrangements.


 *SHIPPING INFORMATION*  Nestbox purchases require a custom shipping quote unless being picked up from the store. Please contact the shop directly via email or phone before checkout.

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