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Nestbox (45º)

45º small and large sizes are suitable for conures, lorikeets and princess parrots. Features a bird entry point on either side so you can choose which way it goes and enclose the other side with a perfect fit block. Includes a perch, bird entry block and inspection door (on angled top).

Small: (base) 23cm x 17.5cm, Overall height 40cm, (top) 15cm x 17.5cm. Bird Entrance 6.5cm. Weight 2.8kg

Large: (base) 28cm x 20cm, Overall height 44cm, (top) 16.5cm x 20cm. Bird Entrance 8cm. Weight 3.9kg.


 *SHIPPING INFORMATION*  Nestbox purchases require a custom shipping quote unless being picked up from the store. Please contact the shop directly via email or phone before checkout.

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