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Colorbond Steel Hopper

Parrot Supplies Australia stocks hand-crafted, Colorbond Steel Food Hoppers. 

 These are designed to minimise waste, and make feeding an easy task. We also have a reversable draw style, designed for safety walkways.

  • Small Single: 5 inches (12cm) across 
  • Medium Single:  Back - 6in (15cm) x 3in (8cm) x 6in (15cm),                       Tray and drawer - 6in (15cm) x 7in (18cm) x 2in (5cm)
  • Large Single: Back - 8in (20cm) x 3.5in (9cm) x 7.5in (19cm),                       Tray and Drawer - 8in (20cm) x 2in (5cm) x 8in (21cm)
  • Extra Large Single: 9in (23cm) x 4in (10cm) x 9in (23cm)                             Tray and Drawer -  9in (23cm) x 2.5in (6cm) x 9in (23cm)
  • Walkway: Back - 8in (20cm) x 3.5in (9cm) x 8.5in (22cm)                             Tray and Drawer - 8in (20cm) x 2in (5cm) x 8in (21cm)
  • 3 Bay: 11.5in (30cm) x 3in (8cm) x 9in (23cm)                                               Tray and Drawer - 11.5in (30cm) x 2in (6cm) x 8.5in (22cm)

*All sizes are approximate. Visual appearance may vary slightly from photos.


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