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Freight Box

Sturdy and light weight boxes available to move a single or multiple birds around the country. Small, grated windows in an airline approved design and an easy slide in door with screws to secure it shut..

Small Single: 26cmx 25cm x 15cm. Weight 960g

Medium Single: 31.5cm x 25cm x 15cm. Weight 1.16kg

Large Single: 31cm x 29.5cm x 20.5cm

Small Double: 43cm x 25cm x 15cm. Compartment width 21cm. Weight 1.58kg

Large Double: 59cm x 30cm x 20.5cm. Compartment width 29.5cm. Weight 3.7kg

Triple Box: 65.5cm x 26cm x 15cm. Compartment width 21.5cm. Weight 1.9kg

Quadruple Box: Details to come.

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