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BF Breeder Cage Setup on Stand 107cm x 52cm x 155cm

107cm x 52cm x 155cm

A thoughtfully designed haven for your feathered companions. This bird-friendly cage accommodates various breeds, including parrots, budgies, and cockatiels, offering them ample space to perch, play, and spread their wings comfortably. Crafted with premium metal, the cage boasts a robust construction with an elegant black vein finish, enhancing the aesthetics of any room. The 1.2cm bar spacing ensures your bird's safety and prevents escape attempts.

The included stand not only elevates the cage to a convenient height for interaction but also features a storage shelf for organizing bird supplies and accessories. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable tray and grate, promoting effortless waste disposal and maintaining a pristine environment for your bird. The cage's resistance to stains and odors ensures a hygienic space for your avian friend.

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