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PSA Premium Pellet and Treat Mix

Blended in store and exclusively available at a Parrot Supplies Australia is the Premium Pellet and Treat Mix.  Variety is the spice of life and that's exactly what this pellet mix offers. Suitable for most sized parrots this premium all consumable blend offers a great foundation diet with the added bonus of yummy treats. 

The blend is all consumable meaning, no husk and no waste. The foundation of this mix is three premium pellets offering a variety and cost effective alternative to purchasing individually. Giving your bird a varied pellet mix to avoid fussy eating and brand dependency. 

Within the premium pellet mix is a variety of seasonally available fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. Fed along side fresh raw vegetables and soaked seed this blend lays the foundation for a healthy and exciting diet for your parrot. 


HARI Tropican Lifetime pellets, Versel- Laga Original P15 Pellets, Zupreem Fruit Blend Pellets, Pepita, Almond Slithers, Cashew chunks, Apricot pieces, Banana Chips, Coconut Chips, Hemp Seed and Sunflower Kernels. 

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