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Instant Mixed Vegetables

Parrot Supplies Australia is proud to stock a comprehensive range of BirdZone products, including their Instant Mixed Vegetables. All the goodness inside these packs is sealed in with BirdZone's freeze-drying and dehumidifcation process. 

CONTAINS : Sweetcorn, Peas, Carrot, Red Bell Peppers, Sweet Potato & Broccoli.  No preservatives or colouring added.

TO MAKE UP : Place Vegetables in a heatproof container. Pour over 250ml of boiling water and allow to stand for a minute or two, stirring occasionally. Drain excess water and allow to cool before serving.

Expands approx. 2-3 times dry size.

STORAGE : This product absorbs moisture from the air. (Hygroscopic)

Once opened, keep in the original bag, and remove as much air as possible before re-sealing.  Refrigerate or Freeze to maintain freshness.

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