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Parrot Supplies Australia is passionate about supporting our community.

One of the primary ways we support the community is through Wildlife Carers. Fundamentally these Carers are volunteers, who dedicate their time to rescuing and rehabilitating Australian animals. Over the years we have donated thousands of dollars worth of products to various Wildlife Carers, to give them a helping hand with their work. 


Parrot Supplies Australia Wildlife Carer Donation

Wildlife Carer, Robyn, accepting a donation from Alisha (Retail Assistant)


Another major part of our structure is to support The Parrot Society of Australia, and The Parrot Trust of Australia. As we are owned by the PSOA, we directly support excellence in Aviculture and promoting responsible bird keeping. As Parrot Supplies Australia continues to grow, we can now offer support to The Parrot Trust of Australia. In fact, a percentage of all sales is now donated to The Parrot Trust of Australia each year. 


Parrot Supplies Australia also offers a well-structured Volunteer program, which is designed to equip individuals with a variety of skills to assist them in securing employment opportunities. Many of our Volunteers have stayed with Parrot Supplies Australia for many years. If you'd like to contact us about Volunteer opportunities, click here.

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