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BN Swing

A natural perch and chew accessory for your feathered friend to swing away the day on. Made of only the best natural wood including banksia cones and gum nuts, your bird will thank you (once it's finished chewing)

The budgie sized swing will accommodate a budgie or two (if he's willing to share) or suitable for a single green cheek conure to claim. Approximate hanging size 26 x 18cm

The small sized swing can happily fit three or four cockatiels their puff on and a tucked foot for a gentle swing. Approximate hanging size 31cm x 22cm

The medium sized swing is suitable for the larger end of the medium birds, such as galahs, eclectus, alexandrine and amazons. Approximate hanging size 43cm x 32cm. 

The macaw sized swing is huge and will provide hours of chewing fun for the biggest of birds!  Approximate hanging size 51 x 46cm 

Category: Natural, Toys

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